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We Rock for Autism embraces the music theme of the foundation by providing posts and links to music and videos, based on or inspired by autism. We also will post information on music related events, musicians who support autism awareness and interviews with various musicians that have been affected by autism in one for or another and support the fight to encourage awareness and acceptance. We hope you enjoy this section of our site, and you if you would like to see  a specific band or musicians work referenced her, please let us know and we will check it out. Our primary focus in the rock genre, but we embrace and support all genres!




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This is a video set to the song “The Piece My Puzzle Was Missing” by Paul Wilson & Friends.

I liked this version of Unchained done by Tony Drake so much that I bought his bands CD. He is blind and has autism, but is absolutely amazing and such a sweet voice.

Sarah, aka “ZebraGal”, did a cover of the hit song “Let It Go” from Disney’s wildly popular animated movie, “Frozen”. She changed the lyrics to reflect what it’s like living with an autism diagnosis.

Here are some local South Florida musicians, Gabe and Natassja. Gabe is 19 and his Father, Freddy, sent us this video. Gabe has autism and a real passion for music. He plays guitar, but he can also play a little bit of keyboard, bass, cuatro and drums. As you can see, he and his sister are amazing. Natassja has one of the most amazing voices in South Florida.