We Rock for Autism

Donations and Decisions

So, We Rock for Autism is really picking up some steam and we are so excited about all of the upcoming events. We have a car wash scheduled, a big three day 80′s rock concert that we will be attending to spread awareness, and some local organizations that have expressed interest in help.

Now, the process of researching methods of donation distributions.  We Rock for Autism’s goal is to help low income families with financial assistance for music therapy and other therapy sessions or provide an iPad mini to help with communications. What is the best way to find needing and deserving families? Do we contact the therapy providers and ask for nominations? Do you set up an online application on our website? Do we pick based on need or random? Do we see if our audience wants to nominate families…?

Well, the good news is, we will be able to help real soon! We will be starting with local families and maybe expanding from there.

Any advice or suggestions? Let us know what your thoughts or experiences are with non-profits and donations by emailing us at [email protected]



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