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Celebrities and ASD

Temple Grandin and James Durbin are two names we are very familiar with. In most interviews, articles or mentions of them, you are reminded of their struggles with Autism and Aspergers. But, there are a lot of celebrities that have gone through or still go through these struggles and have become some fairly influential people. The Huffington Post put out a story a little while back, and I just wanted to recap that article to remind people that the “S” in ASD stands for spectrum¬†and there are not two identical people with identical “traits” or “symptoms” when it comes to autism and/or aspergers. So, please do not judge what you don’t understand.

Susan Boyle, who rose to fame after her stint on Britain’s Got Talent, revealed that she had been diagnosed with Aspergers just a few short years ago.¬† Actress Daryl Hannah opened up recently about her struggles with being diagnosed with autism, and how she never really felt comfortable being in the spotlight. Dan Aykroyd, diagnosed with both Tourettes and Aspergers, admits that some of his obsessions were ghosts and police…which sparked the concept for the movie Ghostbusters!

Heather Kuzmich auditioned for the 9th cycle of America’s Next Top Model and finished in 5th Place. She auditioned for the show as a way to prove to herself that Aspergers would not define who she is.¬† Dan Harmon, creator of the TV show The Community, was researching Aspergers for the character he created on the show, Abed. During his research, he learned that he, himself, has Aspergers.

But, I really want to mention, Alexis Wineman. Alexis was diagnosed with autism at the age of 11. Nobody could have predicted that just a few years later, she would go on to be named Miss Montana and go on to participate as a contestant in the Miss America pageant. Alexis also won the America’s Choice Award!


There are a full range of people on the spectrum, from low functioning to high functioning and a lot right there in the middle. Encourage your children, embrace their thoughts, help them chase their wildest dreams, but most of all…just love them!

I am sure that there are are hundreds of personalities that have been diagnosed with ASD that were not mentioned, have not been diagnosed and/or have not come forward. It’s their life and their choice. Respect it.

Love and Acceptance.

We Rock for Autism


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