Allison Lockhart

Allison is a board certified music therapist with experience in planning and organizing events designed to raise funds and awareness for autism. She founded the state of Alabama’s first Autism Speaks U chapter at the University of Alabama. Allison will not only be helping set up events for We Rock for Autism, she

Sean Viteri

Mr. Viteri is an experienced bookkeeper and accountant. He has worked with many corporations and has helped them maintain proper records and expense reporting to ensure the revenue of each company is tracked and maximized. Mr. Viteri tracks the donations and expenses for We Rock for Autism to make sure our operations cost

Jenifer Band

Jenifer Band is the Vice President of We Rock for Autism, but is also a mom, wife, Occupational Therapist and long time Autism advocate. Jenifer’s son, Cody, was diagnosed with autism in 1999 at the age of 2 and since then, Jenifer has dedicated most of her time and resources to spreading

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson started We Rock for Autism in March of 2014 to promote autism awareness and acceptance. Inspired by his cousin (and VP of We Rock for Autism) Jenifer and her son Cody, as well as his love for music, the foundation began to take shape. Chris has many family members and