Services Provided

We Rock for Autism provides a variety services in support of improving the lives and communication skills of children with autism and their families.

Direct Service Provider of Music Therapy

With a Board Certified Music Therapist on our board, we are able to provide music therapy sessions directly to a limited number of children each year. These sessions can be provided at the families home or at a designated location. The therapy implemented for each child is customized by Allison Lockhart, MT-BC and designed to guide each child toward their goals.

Music Therapy Sponsorship Program

In addition to directly providing music therapy, We Rock for Autism offers sponsorship opportunities to assist families in exploring the many benefits of music therapy. Qualifying families will be provided with 8 weekly sessions at the Cadenza Center for Psychotherapy & the Arts in Hollywood, Florida. We Rock for Autism covers the cost of the session, the family is only responsible for paying $5 for each session.

Sponsorship opportunities are limited, but all families are encouraged to apply. The initial 8 sessions will open up a whole new world to most children on the spectrum. After the initial 8 sessions, We Rock for Autism may be able to assist in paying for up to 50% for the second set of sessions.

*These programs are designed for families without insurance that will assist in therapy programs.

Autism Friendly Family Events

We Rock for Autism has implemented an Autism Friendly Family Events Program to provide families the opportunity to enjoy various events with each other. All families are welcome to these events, as they are to encourage acceptance and inclusion. We have hosted sensory friendly movie screenings, where the lights remain on and the volume is turned down. The kids are free to move about the theater and talk. This gives families the ability to see a movie in a theater without worrying about bothering or apologizing to other movie goers.

We have also hosted a Painting Event at Color Me Mine in Davie, Florida. This event allowed families to enjoy a few hours of painting ceramics and having fun in a staffed and safe environment. Working with the businesses within the community allow us to arrange these Autism Friendly Events and we are looking forward to partnering with more companies in the near future.

Sensory Friendly Toys and Devices

We Rock for Autism understands that children with autism often require toys or devices that meet certain sensory needs. So, when we are able to, we will provide a family with a sensory friendly toy or fidget item that may be helpful or enjoyable to their child. Electronic devices, such as tablets or laptops, can be very useful tools to assist children in communicating with parents or teachers. We accept new or used tablets and laptops and distribute them to families in need. In addition to the tablet, apps are researched, recommended and sometimes purchased by We Rock for Autism to be downloaded to the tablet or device. To donate a tablet or laptop (in working condition) please contact us.

Autism Awareness and Acceptance

Autism Awareness and Acceptance is always at the forefront of our goals. We Rock for Autism attends and hosts various events throughout the year and always has plenty of autism awareness merchandise to hand out. You will see us handing out literature or giving away stickers, autism awareness stuffed animals, shoelaces, guitar picks and more. If you see us at an event, stop by and see what we have!

To learn more about We Rock for Autism, our services or to see how you can help…send us an email to or check out the CONTACT US page for an application for assistance.